OPSEU Local 656

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Provincial Committees

CAAT S Divex

(Division Executive) acts on behalf of the division in representing its goals and objectives in responding to workplace cutbacks, pension changes, legislative changes, organizing campaigns, etc.


The responsibility of the EERC (
Employee/Employer Relations Committee) is in respect to all matters arising out of the collective agreement during its term, and other matters affecting the bargaining interests of the members.

JIC Support Staff

(Joint Insurance Committee) is established under Article 4.9 and Appendix A of the Collective Agreement. Its main purpose is to facilitate communications between the Council and OPSEU on the subject of group insurance applicable to the Support Staff Bargaining Unit.

CAAT Support Joint Classification Committee

The job of the JCC
(Joint Classification Committee) is to make sure college support staff get the right pay for the work they do. The JCC deals with province-wide job classification issues.

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