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Local Newsletters

Spring 2014

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Meet our Newsletter Editor

Kelleen Shonfeldt

Kelleen has held several positions at the College and can currently be found in Student Employment Services. Kelleen joined the Local 656 Executive Committee in mid 2012 and held the position of interim Assistant Chief Steward before being elected as the Newletter Editor.

Newsletter Committee

Newsletter Committee
(L to R) Kelleen Schonfeldt, Melanie Tincombe, Jennifer Tincombe, and Ann Frampton

Important info about your local

Local 656 is determined to keep our membership informed.

We welcome our members to become involved in any way. Contact your steward if you have any questions or concerns.

The membership of our local meets at least once a year at a
General Membership Meeting. During these meetings, members elect our stewards and from these stewards, officers are elected (President, Chief Steward, secretary, treasurer, etc.). These officers and stewards make up the Local Executice Committee (LEC). They manage the every day affairs of the local, give direction on how the local should be run and how the local spends your union dues.

Once a month the
Union / College Committee (UCC), usually comprised of three officers/members from our local and three administrators of the college, meet to discuss and resolve issues and complaints that arise from our working environment.

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